Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reading Roundup

What a fun time we had at the Daingerfield City Park! The children were divided into groups according to age then participated in three events. The smaller children were first to fish with their feet. Sitting in chairs, they put both feet in the sudsy water feeling for prizes in the bottom of the pool. When they located a prize, they clenched it with their feet and brought it out of the pool.
The next age group started blowing bubbles. The air was full of them.
Last but not least was the lily pad toss. The children tossed frogs and turtles onto lily pads.
Off to refreshments, awards, and more prizes including movie tickets donated by the Morris Twin Cinema, meals from Chic-Fil-A and Texas Roadhouse, toys, and of course, books

Thanks to the 88 children who participated in this year's summer reading program, to Angel for her decorations and planning the roundup party, and to Earlene, our dedicated librarian.

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