Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book Reviews

I just finished reading my second Emilie Richards book. I like her. Both of these books deal with sisters.

The Parting Glass tells the story of an Irish-American family. Richards reaches into the past...back to the days of prohibition and how it affected the family owned pub...and sending the three sisters, one after the other, to an elderly relative in Ireland.

Sister's Choice (part of the Shenandoah Album novels) is not only the title of one of Richards' novels, it is also the name of a quilt pattern. The librarian knows of my love for quilts and recommended this book. A good title doesn't necessarily make a good book...but it is. Richards delves into the lives of two sisters as the younger sister tries to make amends for mistakes she made.

In addition to the Shenandoah Album novels and a handful of 'stand alone' novels, Emilie Richards has also written numoerous romance novels. I noticed on her website that she writes a mystery series, Ministry is Murder.

I will have to check the shelves of the Daingerfield Public Library for more of Richards' books.

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