Monday, December 14, 2009

Brightness Falls
by Jay McInerney

I am on page 41 (plus the two page prologue) after three days' reading. I find that I would much rather watch television commercials than read this book. Or be found supine as an odalisque watching soap operas and eating bon-bons. snicker

However, when I checked majority of the 21 reviewers liked it! (Twelve reviewers gave it 5 stars!) What to do? What to do? Try to muddle through until it gets interesting? Probably not. But I may try it one more time. As I read more and liked less, I initially thought that I would read to page 100 before calling it quits. Perhaps I'll still try to shoot for that number before returning it to the library.

Why don't I like it? I don't know. Perhaps it is the subject matter...a barely 30-something year old yuppie couple living in New York in the 1980s. I WHAT do I have in common with them to start with?!

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