Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Review

I've read several really cute Avon romances. One by an English author, Sophie Kinsella . I love the British slang. Matter of fact, I've been gobsmacked.

For some reason they all think that they have to have one torrid sex scene. I just skip a couple of paragraphs or pages and get on with the story.
Speaking of torrid sex scenes. I've started back quilting and listening to audio books. Sandra Brown's
Best Kept Secrets is a very good book.

Except for the torrid sex scenes. As a rule, I can only remember her writing one scene per book, but (as mentioned above) I skip them so may have skipped more than one. In Best Kept Secrets, I think that there were three. Since I was listening, I couldn't flip past the stuff. I had no idea how funny they were! One in particular I laughed out loud. The necessary body parts are called by nicknames. Husband and I discussed it and nearly had each other laughing so hard we almost fell out of our chairs.

So...other than the 'sex' scenes, this book will keep you interested in figuring out who-done-it.


  1. I enjoy your reviews but, just one correction the British slang is not GOBsmacked it is Godsmacked..As to wake one up ... get their attention..

  2. Blog surfing...God-smacked!
    The British have a term that I adopted from when I lived there for a year but have had little opportunity to use since. I picked it up because I loved the expressiveness of it. The word was "gob-smacked" and it was used to describe when your "gob" or mouth would drop open in response so some shocking event, leaving you speechless. I have adapted that word for my title because I was doing some blog surfing tonight and my jaw dropped in amazement (leaving me God-smacked) as I saw God speaking a very similar lesson through the very same activity...I've never met John McAllistar, but he comes highly recommended by friends and tonight as I was reading his blog it just amazed me that during the same week, within days in fact, God taught a very similar lesson through the activity of toboganning with children (see previous blog "Look at me") and John's blog of Jan28 at:

    Hmm...go figure. God really does work in mysterious ways

  3. No. The author wrote 'gobsmacked.' My English pen pal since 1968 write 'gobsmacked' in many of her letters.

    Just out of curiosity, I did a search for 'godsmacked.' I found three totally different rather vulgar. One the name of a Christian rock band. From one end of the spectrum to the other.

    I stand with the author beside the term "gobsmacked."