Friday, April 1, 2011

Book Review

The Jungle
The Oregon Files
by Clive Cussler
with Jack Du Brul

There's just not much more left to say about Clive Cussler and his novels. I like just about everything he writes. ("Just about"... the last book in his Isaac Bell series...I did not like it very well.)

But once again, the Cussler-Du Brul team has produced a well-written, exciting page turner of a novel. I like how Cussler connects past events - in this case eastern China in 1281 - with events unfolding in the modern day world (of fiction).

Juan Cabrillo and his team become enthralled in yet another rescue in which treasure seeking plays a predominate part. Action takes place around the globe and even brushes New Orleans and part of Texas Gulf Coast.

If you are not familiar with Clive Cussler's writing, head on down to the Daingerfield Public Library!

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