Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review

I have a confession to make. I received a Kindle accompanied by a nice size gift card for Christmas. I would have never purchased a Kindle for myself, but I have truly been enjoying it! With so many free books and 99 cent books, I refuse to buy new releases though. The only time I come anywhere close to a new book is if I am reading a series and have to may more for the newest release. Needless to say, this has greatly curtailed my library book checkout. While visiting with the librarian a week or so ago, I did walk out with a few books. These two really caught my eye.

Worth Dying For - A Jack Reacher novel

by Lee Child

Lee Child is a favorite mystery author. I like Jack Reacher. He's kind of like the Lone Ranger...always riding in to save the day but without a trusty sidekick.

This one kept me guessing to almost the very end wondering what commodity was in the white van. I never figured it out. After several months of reading free and 99 cent books from unheard of authors, this was a very nice change.

Just the idea of so many twisted people in one family...unfathomable. It's sort of like when the bad guys in the old westerns took over a whole town. While watching the old black and white movies I always wondered why it took the guy in the white hat to ride into town to get a handle on the bad guys. Why didn't the town people step up?

Same thing in this book. Very worth the time spent reading.

Tough Customer

by Sandra Brown

This is a rare treat. Brown seldoms does series. But she liked her main character in Smash Cut so much that she wrote a sequel. So be sure to read Smash Cut first.

This was one of those hard to put down books. Reading along and realizing that something was being missed but unable to put a finger on it with Dodge Hanley and the officer in charge. When the case was "solved"...something was still wrong.

Added to the mix was Dodge waiting for the young lady in trouble to realize that Dodge was actually her biological dad.

When the twist at the end hit...AHA!

So...both of these books were unusual for me. Generally I have formed either several ideas about "whodoneit," or I know exactly "whodoneit." I didn't have either of these figured out in advance.

Be sure to support your local library!

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