Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review

Smokin' Seventeen
by Janet Evanovich

LOL funny! I've read better in this series, but I am anxious to see what happens next. Fans of Stephanie Plum, please do not boo me, but just how much longer is Evanovich going to be able to continue having Stephanie tip-toe around her choice between Ranger and Morelli? And in Smokin' Seventeen, Stephanie has a third man who wants her!

Explosive Eighteen is scheduled for release November 22. I can hardly wait!

The Daingerfield Public Library has all of the Stephanie Plum novels in book and audiobook form.

The Kingdom - A Fargo Adventure
by Clive Cussler with Grand Blackwood

I have mentioned before how much I enjoy the beginning of Cussler's novels. He begins with some obscure piece of history. The book then unfolds and shows the relevance today.

I would like to see the Fargos' "fleshed" out more. Learn more about them. This is still a book worth reading. Personally I'm waiting on another NUMA series release. :-)

Borrow your favorite Clive Cussler series from the Daingerfield Public Library.


by James Patterson

Oh my goodness! I haven't read any in this series until this book, the seventh in the series. If this junk is the best Patterson can do, it's time to quit!

The Daingerfield Public Library carries many of Patterson's better books. But I would definitely pass this series without another glance.

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