Friday, June 20, 2008

2007 Events

July 27, 2007: Our first book signing was for George "Bob" Allen of Daingerfield. Mr. Allen's The Ant That Wouldn't Work was illustrated by Brittany Clark, one of his granddaughters. He sold over 50 copies in two hours that day! Mr. Allen signing a copy of his book. Mr. Allen presenting a copy of his book to the President of the Friends group and the Librarian.
Part of the crowd waiting patiently for a copy of The Ant That Wouldn't Work.
Mr. Allen and the City Manager. You can order your copy here:

October 13, 2007: A few members of our Friends group at Daingerfield Days.

October 25, 2007: Our second book signing was for Mr. Tom Ewan and his co-author Dr. J. Dave Johnson. Mr. Ewan found notes his wife had written over the years, and he compiled them into America Jane's Pearls of Wisdom.
Mr. Ewan and Dr. Johnson presenting an autographed copy of their book to the Daingerfield Library.
Members of the Friends group with the authors. Do you want your own copy?

December 11, 2007: Our Christmas party!

Two of our brave husbands who support our efforts.

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