Sunday, September 21, 2008

Book Review

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
by Rebecca Miller

I don't know about this book. I should've known better when the description had the word, "decrepitude" in it. I don't like to have a dictionary in one hand while reading a book. I hoped this would not be so...but it was. Why did Miller write, "...supine as an odalisque..." when "lying on her back like a concubine in a harem..." would have worked just as well? (Actually, I knew what "supine" meant but did have to look up "odalisque.") While reading the book, I stumbled across several other words/phrases similar to this, but I am not going to read the book again so that I can list them. Once was enough, thank you.

The story-line was, was...different. I realized when I turned the last page and closed the book that I would rather have been ironing. Anyone who knows me well knows that I detest ironing.


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