Monday, January 19, 2009

Author Review

Harlan Coben writes all enthralling "who done-its." I thought I had the last one I listened to figured out. Not.

I'm quilting again. As a hand quilter, I sit for long periods of time and listen to either the radio or audio books. I recently finished listening to these two titles:

Fade Away
Drop Shot

Both are part of Coben's Myron Bolitar series. Second and third I believe. I have not read/listened to these in order.

I really like Coben's writing style. He holds your attention. You do not get bored. I like Myron Bolitar's dry sense of humor. What I don't like, especially when I listen to his work, is the language some of Coben's characters utter. When I read, I can get past it. When I hear it, it is like being verbally assaulted. Yes, I know. Some people do talk that way. I don't.

I will continue to read Coben. On paper. That way I can skim over the words I don't like and not be verbally assaulted.

Books in the Bolitar series:
Deal Breaker
Drop Shot
Fade Away
Back Spin
One False Move
The Final Detail
Darkest Fear
Promise Me

Books that stand alone:
Tell No One - movie starring Francois Cluset and Kristen Scott-Thomas now on DVD
Gone For Good
No Second Chance
Just One Look
The Innocent
The Woods
Hold Tight
Long Lost - due to be released March 31

Once again, the Daingerfield Public Library may not have all titles.

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