Sunday, December 6, 2009

Book Review

Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog
The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman
by Lisa Scottoline

First, this is NOT a book bashing men. Scottoline calls her exes "Thing One" and "Thing Two," but she really does not go into detail. She is more into telling the reader how great her family is and how wonderful her dogs are.

You should go to the library and check this book out. Read it. I knew that Scottoline writes mysteries. I did not know that she also writes a column in The Philadelphia Enquirer called "Chick Wit." This book is a compilation of some of her columns.

Each chapter is a short story in itself, but it also chronologically follows her life. She voices her opinion on family, pets, bras and panties and pantyhose. Right! An ordinary woman's life.

Books written by Lisa Scottoline:
Look Again, 2009
Lady Killer, 2008*
Daddy's Girl, 2007
Dirty Blonde, 2006
Devils' Corner, 2005
Killer Smile, 2004*
Dead Ringer, 2003*
Courting Trouble, 2003*
The Vendetta Defense, 2001*
Moment of Truth, 2000*
Mistaken identity, 1999*
Rough Justice, 1998*
Legal Tender, 1997*
Running From the Law, 1996
Final Appeal, 1995
Everywhere That Mary Went, 1994*
*Denotes books with characters from Rosato & Associates.
Some but not all books are available at the Daingerfield Public Library.

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