Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Review

Sisters & Husbands
by Connie Briscoe

I laughed out loud. These three sisters are a hoot! Briscoe writes a serious yet funny tale about three sisters and the men in their lives...the husbands (which one is about to become an ex?) and the about-to-be-new husband.

Touching on the reality of the high rate of divorce and whether the marriage commitment is worth it, Briscoe examines all sides.

I had to skip a few paragraphs of sex scenes. Okay. I admit it. I read one of them. Even though I laughed, I did not include that laugh in my first sentence. I also didn't care for some of the language, but it was infrequent.

I've got to go to the Daingerfield Public Library Monday looking for more of Connie Briscoe's books.

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