Saturday, April 17, 2010


Deliver Us From Evil
by David Baldacci

Talk about a page turner! I could hardly put this down to eat or sleep. And after reading some parts...forget about the sleep.

A vigilante group and an official yet unofficial CIA-type organization are after the same man for two different purposes and in two different manners. One organization intends to mete out justice now...the other intends to turn the hunted over to the proper authorities. Which one finds the villain first? How large will the number of casualties be?

Baldacci throws in so many twists and turns and introduces many seemingly innocuous characters that you may be surprised about who did what at the end. (Bragging here...but I figured out one of the big "who is it?" way before the answer was provided.)

He also included some very detailed means of torture. If you think waterboarding is extreme torture, be sure to skip Chapter 37. Definitely do not read it 30 minutes before bedtime!

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