Sunday, July 25, 2010

Author Review

The review I promised!

Sara Donati is the
pen name for Rosina Lippi. This woman can write a book worth reading! She has written five books that I could hardly bear to put down, and I have no doubt that the sixth and final book in the series will be just as good!

If you like Diana Gabaldon, you will like Sara Donati. If you haven't read Gabaldon (her books have been reviewed here in the past, check the
side bar on the right), read her first. Donati's series picks up in the time frame of history where Gabaldon's stops. However, you do not need to read Gabaldon's first...but I do highly recommend that you do so.

The series begins with Into the Wilderness, which begins the story of Elizabeth and Nathaniel. Each
subsequent books fleshes out more of their family members and neighbors. Each is an adventure.

The series continues with

Dawn on a Distant Shore
Lake in the Clouds
Fire Along the Sky

Queen of Swords

The series ends with The Endless Forest which I have not yet read.

The Daingerfield Public Library has a copy of each book except for the last (which is why I have not yet read it but will as soon as a copy is received).

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