Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Reviews

Goody! Goody! The Daingerfield Public Library received a new shipment of books. I am having fun!

Book #1
Lost Empire

by Clive Cussler
with Grant Blackwood

YES! After the so-so The Spy ( )
Cussler redeems himself with Lost Empire. The second in the Fargo Adventures. I don't remember reading the first in the series, Spartan Gold. I've got to have a talk with the librarian...

Cussler and Blackwood take us on a wild trip
with Sam and Remi Fargo through the wilds of Tanzania, Zanzibar, Madagascar, and Indonesia. They even through some Mexican Aztec history. How do the different locales connect? You have to read the book! I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Lost Empire is full of adventure, beautiful waters, dense jungles, and just enough thrill to hold your interest.

Clive Cussler is one of my favorite authors. His books have been reviewed here before. Check the right side bar and scroll down for his name to read previous reviews.

Then, in a much lighter tone:

Book #2

Maybe This Time
by Jennifer Crusie

I like Jennifer Crusie. I'm not too fond of paranormal. But this is cute. Who wouldn't want to live in a haunted English house moved stone by stone to the state of Ohio. The eccentric original home owner also dug a moat around the house.

Oh...I forgot to mention the ghosts that came with it. You should know that there are good ghosts...and not so good ghosts. Are there really such things as good ghosts?

Crusie writes entertaining quick reads. They lift you up and make you laugh.

The Daingerfield Public Library has several of Crusie's books in paperbook, just a few in hard cover. The library does not have all of her books:

Getting Rid of Bradley
Strange Bedpersons
What the Lady Wants
Charlie All Night
Anyone But You
Cinderella Deal
Trust Me On This
Tell Me Lies
Crazy For You
Welcome to Temptation
Fast Women
Faking It
Bet Me
Don't Look Down
Agnes and the Hit Man
Dogs and Goddesses
Wild Ride

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