Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Reviews

Wicked Appetite
by Janet Evanovich

What a piece of silly fluff. I wish
Janet...after reading just about all of her books, especially the Stephanie Plum series, I feel that we are on first name basis...would stop writing these between the numbers books. She is just wasting time and making all of her valued readers wait an unmercifully long time for the next Stephanie, Joseph, Ranger book!

I have a friend who won't read these books. She holds out for the next 'numbered' book in the Stephanie Plum series.

Without Mercy
by Lisa Jackson

This was a page turner. Shay, the 17 year old
sister on the verge of trouble, has been sent to a private school in the wilds of Oregon. Julia, the half sister with a different dad, lands a job teaching at the same school. Julia, better known as Jules, has to decide if the bad press the school has recently received is legitimate. In a very short time, she has to decide if something sinister is going on at the exclusive school for troubled teens. Throw an old boyfriend in the mix and you've got a mess.

Jackson writes a fast paced novel full of twists and turns. I was flabbergasted in the last chapter. I never guessed that...

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