Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Book Review

Did you know that the Daingerfield Public Library has a great collection of books on tape cassettes and CD’s? The library has humor, murder mysteries, children’s stories, romances, westerns, and novels by some well-known authors.

Do you love to read? Do you love Humor? Excitement? Who-Done-It’s? How about fires, explosions, murders, break-ins, arrests, and, of course, romance? You say you don’t have enough time for a good story, you’re too busy doing housework (yuck), cooking (also yuck), driving: on trips out of town, to work, the store, and the kids? You are in luck!!!! As I am. Give me a good book, and I can put off all kinds of other things! But, since I can do more than one or two things at a time, I can listen at home and enjoy in my car. These stories are wonderful and you can read/listen to them while you do a variety of things. I usually have an actual written book I read at home and then have another story I can listen to when I travel, anywhere, or even bring into the house to listen to while I’m doing things I can no longer put off.

Four to Score
By Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is from Trenton, New Jersey, and she is a Bounty Hunter. She works for a bail business but she is supposed to take the easiest cases. There is a more sophisticated bounty hunter that has the best gadgets and a better background for this kind of thing. His name is Ranger. He will ask Stephanie for help occasionally because of course she’s a girl! However, no one is better than getting into trouble than Stephanie! Her off and on love interest is Joe Morelli who happens to be a policeman. He is not real happy about her chosen career, especially since she seems to get involved in things that need his assistance. He has a regular job, you know!

Four to Score puts Stephanie on the trail of a revenge-seeking waitress who has skipped bail. She decides to help the waitress’s boyfriend to help herself get the skipper. The bail jumper is sending him notes that he can’t decipher. If she can get them deciphered maybe she can get paid for bringing in the jumper. What a treasure hunt it is! It scares her mother, involves family and she meets new friends. I laughed a lot and looked for reasons to get in the car.

Ten Big Ones
By Janet Evanovich

Stephanie is just going out to get something for lunch. It quickly becomes obvious she is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her car is blown up, again, and she inadvertently becomes involved with a gang. Her love interest, Joe Morelli, tries to keep her out of trouble, but she doesn’t want to cooperate. Does he lose her to Super Bounty Hunter Ranger?
Her family is going through some challenges and of course involving her. She has her job to do and sometimes she needs their help as they need hers. One of her prior friends is on the list of bail jumpers she needs to turn in. Can she do it or does she need his help more than she needs to do her job? Find out by checking out this great Stephanie Plum story. She’ll keep you laughing and wondering what she will do next!

The one thing you may want to be aware of regarding these stories is the amount of profanity (cussing). Due to the fact that some characters just can’t talk unless every sentence requires a cuss word - some are worse than others. I happen to have some friends like that, so I haven’t heard any word yet that I didn’t already know!

Submitted by Carol.

Janet Evanovich has several books in her Stephanie Plum series. You might want to start at the beginning:

One for the Money
Two for the Dough
Three to Get Deadly
Four to Score
High Five
Hot Six
Seven Up
Hard Eight
Visions of Sugar Plums
To the Nines
Ten Big Ones
Eleven on Top
Twelve Sharp
Plum Lovin'
Lean Mean Thirteen
Plum Lucky
Fearless Fourteen

The Daingerfield Public Library has all of these titles in hard back, paperback, and/or audio.

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